In order to be able to provide you with Quality, translation projects are sorted according to subject area, language pair, required deadline and feasibility. This means you can be assured that your project is in good hands. Research into subject matter, obtaining information material and coordinating with the project manager in your firm are also important factors in quality management. Another issue in assuring quality is adapting the translation for its end purpose. So you end up with what's needed and don't pay for any services which aren't absolutely necessary: depending on requirements, the translation can be checked in a proofing phase (standard) or several proof-reading stages involving a second translator (copy-writing), or you can dispense with proof-reading by a second native speaker (translation for information purposes only).

Part of a translator's professional ethics is that a translator, despite his/her profound knowledge of a foreign language, works according to the mother tongue principle, i.e. only translates into the native language. Your translations into languages other than German will still be in good hands - they will be handled in close collaboration with native speakers from a wide network of translators for all subject areas, and that without involving extra coordination work for you.

Due care means for example: careful examination and evaluation of your documents, noting of any special requirements, queries in the case of unclear points, separate proof-reading for checking spelling, grammar, style and formalities.

I have only one comment to make about Punctuality: deadlines are sacred!

Observing confidentiality means it is a matter of course that all documents you make available to me for the purpose of calculating costs or translation are treated with discretion. Once the project has been concluded or if the project is not completed for some reason, the documents are either archived and locked away, or destroyed. If required I can also provide you with a written non-disclosure agreement.