Language pairs

  • Spanish   -> German ->  Spanish
  • French -> German ->  French
  • English   -> German ->  English
  Other language combinations upon request request

Subject areas
  • Law:
    e.g. contracts, articles and statutes, rulings and opinions, plaints, certificates, legal texts
  • Finance
    e.g. balance sheets, year-end financial statements, consolidated financial statements
  • Press releases
  • General
  • Correspondence
  other subject areas upon request

When it comes to advertising, more is required than just a translation. Slogans, plays on words and features specific to a particular culture are often very difficult to convey, if at all. This is where a fresh 'production' is called for. Your copy writing is therefore not 'merely' translated, but adapted - adjusted for the target culture, audience and group. The basic structure and the message of your text still will, needless to say, remain the same with an adaptation.


Translations of certificates for presenting to authorities usually have to be certified. These include for instance excerpts from commercial registers, and abstracts of titles, affidavits, statements of claim, summons and judgements, birth, death and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, certificates of unmarried status and driving licences.


Frequently an apostille is required when a certified translation is presented to authorities in foreign countries. I can take care of all the procedures involved in certified translations into French or Spanish, including obtaining the apostille at the district court in Saarbrücken in collaboration with mother tongue translators.


You have an extensive translation project which has to be translated into several languages? Using my contacts with a network of mother-tongue specialist translators I can handle your translation jobs for the above-mentioned language pairs and coordinate your projects right down to final delivery of the translations to you.